Community Involvement


This page details our sponsorship of various groups that promote Scottish Culture and details our availability to promote Scottish History & Culture through schools and organizations within the community.


Robert Burns Statue Restoration

Located at the corner of Forsyth and Skinker Avenues, next to Bixby Hall on the Washington University Campus. The St. Andrews Society was one of the primary donors toward the restoration of the Robert Burns Statue.

The process for the statue included pressure cleaning with glass microspheres, repair and patination of the bronze, saturation with acrylic lacquer, and finishing with paste wax. The process for the pedestal included poultice-based cleaning for stain removal, repair of the stone and mortar cracks, cleaning & repointing.



Volunteer members of the Scottish St. Andrew Society of Greater St. Louis in partnership with volunteers from The Seven Rivers Highland Society, the Gateway Cabermen, and the Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education are available to participate in your school or organization’s cultural day or festival. We can assist children with earning culture, language, or history scout badges or belt loops. These presentations will be tailored to the age of the audience and within the parameters discussed with the [Image of Chris Fulton & Dave Hill at Campbell Montessori School] school or organization.

Topics We Can Cover: Scottish History, Scottish Cutlure, Highland Dress, Scottish Weaponry, Highland Battle Tactics, The Great Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Music, the Scottish Games, Highland Dancing, and Scottish Language (Scots Gaelic).

We do allow kids to handle the weapons (hands on history), these weapons are replicas and are not sharp. We do not allow them to swing them and they are not allowed out of arms reach at any time. We bring in the Highland Claymore, Basket Hilt Sword, Dirk, Lochaber Axe, Battle Axe, Targe (shield), and Sgian Dubh. If your school does not want some of the above topics taught or weapons displayed, we can tailor the presentation toward music and culture. Our speakers have different areas of specialization allowing us to fill many different needs.

If interested & to get more information, email us at

Teachers or School Administrators can also check us out at the various public festivals listed below to get an idea of how we interact with the children and to hear the topics we typically cover.

Cultural Days and Festivals we have participated in:

  • Campbell Montessori School Cultural Day
  • Festival of Faiths and Cultures
  • [Image of Dave Hill and Cub Scouts at the Festival of Faiths and Cultures] Festival of Nations
  • McKinley Classical / Junior Academy
  • Missouri River Irish Fest
  • Missouri Tartan Day Festivities
  • Richwoods R-VII (K-8) Scottish Culture Assembly
  • Rockwood School District Boy Scouts of America Language and Culture Belt Loop Day
  • Rodgers Elementary
  • Smithton Public Library Summer Reading Program
  • Southwestern Illinois College (Belleville) Cultural Day
  • St. Louis Scottish Games
  • Union High School Cultural Day