Ally Bally Bee's

Based in Fife, Scotland. We specialize in recreating the lost confectionary of Scotland. Shipping across the globe. Our Products Are Listed Below:


Coulters Candy:

Made famous in the traditional Scottish Folk song ‘Ally Bally Bee’ , this traditional boiled candy has an almost mystical status. Almost every Scot can sing the entire song, but very few have ever tasted the sweet that the song is based on. We now make this real taste of Scotland in three varieties. Boiled, Toffee and Fudge.


Along with Spangles, Midget Gems and Wagon Wheel biscuits the size of CDs, the very mention of Creamola Foam is enough to have a whole generation of Scots becoming misty eyed with nostalgia for the good old days of the 50s through to the 90s. But why call it Krakatoa? Well it could be the explosion of foam as you add the water or the tendency for it to pour up and over the sides of the glass if you’ve been too greedy with the teaspoon. We called it Krakatoa as it was The Blast from the Past. But what is Krakatoa (Creamola Foam)?: The technical description is a powdered soluble crystal that is dissolved in cold water to make a slightly effervescent fruit drink with a delicious creamy foam head. To any Scot it is so much more than that. Usquebaugh by definition is our national drink, AG Barrs will claim that Irn Bru is our other national drink, but it is Creamola Foam that any child of the 50s to 90’s will remember as the drink that accompanied the soundtrack to their childhood. Of course if you happen to live in one of the warmer parts of the globe, it’s refreshing Sherbet fizz foam is the prefect beverage to quench your thirst!


Cameron's Market

Frozen Foods and Imported Groceries



"The Official Soft Drink of Scotland"

The best way to describe it is as a citrus cream soda, some people think it tastes a little bit like bubblegum.

Sold locally at The English Shop and Thistle & Clover


Nancy's Sweet Nothings

"Scottish Shortbread"

1312 N. 2nd Street
Saint Charles, MO 63301

Sold locally at Thistle & Clover


Oz Highland Farm

Quality Highland Beef

Naturally Raised

Quality Breeding Stock


Scottish Gourmet, USA

Scottish Grocer providing an assortment of Scottish foods.


The Scottish Grocer

Scottish Grocer providing an assortment of Scottish foods.


Walkers Shortbread

Manufactuer of Shortbread Cookies.


Wild Flower Farm & McCallie Highland Coos

Don & Peggy McCallie, owners of Wild Flower Farm near Dittmer, MO, raise Shetland Sheep and process the wool into lovely “Garb” right on the farm and can be seen selling their products at local Farmers Markets, Shops and Highland Games. Don also raises Grass Fed-Grass Finished, chemical free, Highland Cattle (Coos). Call Don to order your Highland Beef.

Don and Peggy have been participants at the St. Louis Scottish Games for 10 years and also at Missouri Tartan Day Festivities from time to time.

To contact Don & Peggy call them at or visit their Website by clicking the above link.

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