Missouri Tartan

Proposed Missouri State Tartan




On January 8th, 2018 House Bill 1968 was introduced and read in the Missouri House of Representatives, designating the ‘Show-Me’ tartan as the official tartan for the state of Missouri. This is the design that will be proposed to the state legislature for the official state tartan. If accepted, Missouri will become the 29th state to adopt an official state tartan.

Update: House Bill 1968 did not receive a vote in the final legislative session. Unfortunately this saddens us, but we are confident that it will be presented again next year. Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign and stay tuned for more information!

The design is derived from four inspiring symbols of the state of Missouri, the Eastern Bluebird, the Missouri Mule, the Crescent Moon, and the Bear. The green and blue lines represent the fields,rivers,woodlands, streams, and Ozark Mountains of Missouri. The light blue, red, and white stripes represent the Eastern Bluebird and ideals found in our state flag: vigilance, justice, valor, and purity. The first band of brown represents the Missouri Mule, and therefore our steadfastness, sturdiness, and industriousness. The narrow band of light blue crossing the Ozark Mountains represents the Crescent Moon, reminding us of our potential for prosperity and our status as the second state to be forged out of the Louisiana Purchase. The second band of brown represents the Grizzly Bear, a symbol of strength. Hence, this pattern stands for: vigilance and justice, valor, purity, steadfastness, hope, and strength.