Board of Directors

Scottish St. Andrew Society Board of Directors, 2018 - 2019

The Board of Directors comprises of the officers who manage the administrative, legal, financial, communication, and logistical support for the society. Any member in good standing can run for a position on the board during elections at the Annual General Meeting in September. If you'd like to attend a meeting, they're open to the public on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the CJ Mugg's Restaurant in Clayton, MO. 

If you'd like to reach a specific board member, please indicate in an email or message on our Contact page and they'll be in touch with you soon!

President - Chris Fulton

The President serves as the chairperson of the Board of Directors, fulfilling administrative duties, delegating work and decisions among committees, and other such duties.

Vice President - Don Conrad

The Vice President fulfills the duties whenever the President is absent and other duties appointed by the President. Don Conrad also serves as the Membership Director, who oversees the society membership records and tracks membership statuses.

Treasurer - Frank Curtis

The Treasurer serves as the society's fiscal agent, receiving all monies, deposits, issuing payments, and compiles financial reports on behalf of the Board of Directors and membership.

Secretary - Karen Kraft

The Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of board meetings, files committee reports, and keeps records of board activities. Karen Kraft also serves as the Burns Committee Chair, responsible for the administrative, financial, and logistical planning for the annual Burns Dinner.

Allan Stewart - Attorney

The Attorney serves as the society's advisor on all legal matters, such as non-profit status, reviewing contracts, and other such business.

Millie Slack - Chaplain

The Chaplain is an ordained minister appointed by the President and carries out the society's pastoral duties. The chaplain also informs the membership of those in distress.

Thomas Richardson - Communications 

The Communications Director is responsible for maintaining the society website, updating social media, informing the membership of news and events, receiving communications from the public, and recording items for the society's historical record.


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Chris Brennan - Thistle Times Editor

The Thistle Times Editor oversees the development, editing, publication, and proper distribution of the society's quarterly newsletter. These duties also include graphic design and receiving guest articles.

Helen Jack - Community Liaison

The Community Liaison serves as the society's principal ambassador for connecting with other cultural groups and organizations in the St. Louis region.

Activities Director - Anna Friday

The Activities Director is responsible for overseeing the logistical and scheduling of society events, working with local venues, coordinating with vendors, and informing the board of other St. Louis area events.


The Board of Directors includes four Members-at-Large, who represent the society membership as a whole. These members take on multiple roles, serve on committees, and other duties as appointed by the society President.

Matt Pantaleoni - Member-at-Large

Matt Pantaleoni is a longtime society member who participates in numerous Scottish events and organizations in the St. Louis region. Matt is an accomplished bagpiper with numerous accolades, championships, oversees the St. Louis Drones Club, and is the founder of the Spirit of St. Louis Pipe Band.

Laurie Hartung - Member-at-Large

Laurie is a new member of the society who not only serves on the board, but is involved in numerous other cultural groups and activities in the St. Louis region. Laurie is an accomplished bagpiper who works with the St. Louis Caledonian Pipe Band.



Dr. Bill Hamrick - Member-at-Large

Dr. Hamrick is a new society member who was elected to the board at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. Dr. Hamrick is a retired Professor of Philosophy from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He is also actively involved with the Clan MacFarlane Society.


Brendan Adams - Member-at-Large

Brendan is a new society member who was elected to the board at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. Brendan is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and is actively involved with the society's educational and public outreach.