Board of Directors

Scottish St. Andrew Society Board of Directors, 2017 - 2018

The Board of Directors comprises of the officers who manage the administrative, legal, financial, communication, and logistical support for the society. Any member in good standing can run for a position on the board during elections at the Annual General Meeting in September. If you'd like to attend a meeting, they're open to the public on the first (1st) Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the CJ Mugg's Restaurant in Clayton, MO. 

If you'd like to reach a specific board member, please indicate in an email or message on our Contact page and they'll be in touch with you soon!

Society President 

Chris Fulton

Vice President / Membership Chairman

Don Conrad


Karen Kraft


Allan Stewart




Frank Curtis

Activities Director 

Traci Kennebeck

Communications Director

Thomas Richardson

 Thistle Times         Editor

Chris Brennan



Rev. Millie Slack

 Community Liaison

Helen Lesslie Jack


Matt Pantaleoni


Stephen Butler


Laurie Hartung