Speaker Series: The Scots in St. Louis

The Scots in St. Louis Speaker Series

The Preamble of the Scottish St. Andrew Society of Greater St. Louis’s Constitution states; ‘The Society shall endeavor to make vital and significant contributions to the cultural and educational life of the community in the arts and sciences, bearing in mind the works and examples of Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, John Napier, Andrew Carnegie, John Logie Baird, William Lister and other greats.’

In the spirit of following the mission set by the organization’s founders, the Board of Directors has embarked on new projects to connect with the community. The proposed speaker series, entitled ‘Scots in St. Louis’ focuses on developing a strong educational foundation on Scottish culture in the St. Louis region by utilizing local educators and individuals passionate about their Scottish heritage. Through this discourse, we seek to achieve a more knowledgeable understanding of various topics relating to Scotland and the millions of Scottish-American descendants living in the United States.

Robert Burns Statue, Washington University Campus

The Society is currently securing grants and partnerships with local businesses and educational institutions to make this speaker series possible. If you'd like to volunteer and help with this project, submit a message on our Contact page, describe how you can contribute, and available contact information. You can also email us at ssas.thistle.times@gmail.com or reach us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Update: Our grant application for the Missouri Humanities Council was submitted earlier this month and now we're awaiting a response! More information to come soon!