For Your Leisure Reading!

There are some great magazines and periodicals available offering an assortment of articles and stories about Scotland! Whether you like reading about Scotland's history, natural beauty, current events, environmental issues, culture, music, or something else, find these magazines at your local library, store, or visit their website for a subscription.


The Highlander Magazine

For more than 40 years, The Highlander has connected fellow Scots to their rich heritage in a way no other magazine does: stories of Scotland's stirring history, from epic clan struggles and folklore to profiles of memorable Scots, plus genealogy, coverage of North American Scottish activities and more.


Scottish Life Magazine

Scottish Life is a lively and entertaining blend of everything you love about Scotland. It's your passport to Scotland's enchanting destinations, history, culture, people and events... so beautifully presented and so full of useful information, you won't know whether to keep it on your coffee table or pack it with you on your next trip. Enjoy 80 pages of fascinating articles, informative columns and truly stunning photos, all elegantly designed and printed in full color on high-quality glossy paper. It's as magnificent as Scotland itself.


Celtic Life International

Celtic Life International is a superb publication that seeks to highlight Celtic cultures of each type from across Europe and merge them all together into this one magazine. You can read everything from the latest news on Celtic fashion, history, culture, interviews with celebrities, travel, tourism, new recipes from renowned chefs, and articles from guest writers across the globe. Visit their site to sign up for a subscription today!